At first, life did not spare Arnaud. Achieved arthrogryposis of the four members at its birth on June 6, 1981 in Fontenay le Comte (VENDEE),
he grew up in a loving family in Vienna.

From an early age, he uses his mouth to write, catch, draw. He then follows normal schooling at Biard. At the same time, he does manual work such as painting, wood engraving, plastering ...

His schooling continues in a classical way until the fourth, then he follows an adapted cycle, a three-year training teaches her how to live independently.

Arnaud finds his balance between painting and sports activities, he is also a comedian in a theater troupe. In sport, he has a great track record: The power chair football (twice French champion in the second division in 2005, semi-finalist of the Coupe de France in 2011). It practices scuba diving, table tennis, the Sarbacanne (first at 2.50 m to the Limoges Open; national finalist of the 2011 French championships).

"It's painting with the mouth that brought me the will," he summarizes.

Thanks to Serge Maudet who presents painting techniques adapted to his disability, he joined in March 2001, the Association of Artists Painting Mouth and Foot. Always eager to learn, it is with pleasure that Arnaud discovers watercolor, oil, pastel ... during several courses at the latter. Landscapes, animals, flowers are his favorite subjects.

He is very grateful to his parents who knew how to support and guide him. Thanks to them, he is now independent as he sees fit. Arnaud is a charming young man with open mind and pleasant contact, he found in painting the way to express his feelings, his joys, his pains:

"Through each painting is a piece of my heart that I try to share with you."